Itamar Gov Caspar David Friedrich, Degenerated

Caspar David Friedrich, Degenerated 2019-2021

Series of 33 canvases, 120x80 cm each.

No painter in history represents the German Romanticism of the 19th century more than Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) – much celebrated by the Nazi regime – whose tempestuous paintings usually display contemplative figures or ruins, silhouetted against immense and dramatic landscapes. The series ‘Caspar David Friedrich, Degenerated’ is composed of 33 canvases, each of them based on and dedicated to one of C. D. Friedrich’s most well known works. Eighty years after the opening of the infamous Nazi exhibition ‘Degenerate Art’, in which art works were displayed as a warning sign to the decline and degeneration of the sublime practice of art – with C. D. Friedrich’s work representing the opposite, noble form of art – the series ‘Caspar David Friedrich, Degenerated’ is a vindictive realisation of the Nazi leadership’s worst aesthetic nightmares.