Itamar Gov Kaethe's Hands (The Widow I)

Käthe's Hands 2019

Series of seven prints. 45x30 cm each, hor. & ver.

Käthe Kollwitz’s woodcut “War” series from 1919 is one of the most striking and captivating visual manifestations of the agony brought upon millions of people by the Great War. Giving the single woodcuts titles such as “The Widow”, “The Parents” and “The Mothers”, Kollwitz asked to communicate a collective, general image of pain and grief. The print series ‘Käthe’s Hands’ consists of Kollwitz’s full “War” series, in which all details were digitally erased except for the various hands depicted in them, making the works almost completely abstract, yet at the same time breaking the anonymity of the figures in the woodcuts and directing the light to Kollwitz herself – as an artist and as a mother who lost her son in the war.