Itamar Gov Primo Levi

11 April, 1987/2017: The Last Moments

of Primo Levi 2017

Series of nine photographs. 20x30 cm each.

On April 11 1987, writer and chemist Primo Levi committed suicide by jumping from the third floor in the staircase of his Turin house. Levi, a Holocaust survivor, approached in his writings the contemporary silence and indifference towards the horrors of the past. His suicide was in complete opposition to his calm, reasonable and optimistic character, as expressed by his surroundings. The photograph series was taken secretly on the 30th anniversary of Levi’s death, on April 11th 2017, colliding different point-of-views of Levi’s moments of death – of Levi himself, of the concierge finding his corpse on the floor, and of the policemen arriving at the building to investigate the case – manifesting the silent, clean and bourgeois nature of the space as it is today, as opposed to the short, violent and tragic moments of its history.