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Chemistry and Physics in the Household

Ongoing project, 2023 -

Bringing together historical incidents, figures and objects, 'Chemistry and Physics in the Household' is an ongoing artistic research project that follows the ways in which the hunger for scientific and technological progress has been pushing aside – or rather crashing – questions of ethics and moral responsibilities. Forming a trajectory that moves between different realms, it questions collective and individual responsibilities in a society that cherishes progress, innovation and efficiency. The project draws a net of unexpected continuities and affiliations that consists of the century old alchemical pursuit of an ultimate remedy and the accidental creation of Prussian Blue in 1705; beauty secrets of the European aristocracy in the 19th century; the diversion of the development of field fertilisers into means of exterminating humans; Nazi desires for and depictions of a perfect human body; the Space Race and the colonisation of Mars; cloning, automatons and robotic utopias.

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