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Istanbul Art News / Resistance to Closing the Gap, by Oğulcan Yiğit Özdemir. P. 28-29 (April 2022).

Juliet Art Magazine / Itamar Gov's 'Mausoleum of Rejected Citrons', by Giovanni Viceconte. P. 92-94 (Issue 205, February 2022).

Forme Uniche / Il fare installativo di Itamar Gov, by Nicola Nitido (December 2021).

artluk / The Heart of Adolf Hitler: About the works of Itamar Gov, by Dobrosława Nowak. P. 32-35 (November 2021).

exibart / Con In-Ruins, l’arte contemporanea rilegge l’archeologia del Mediterraneo (August 2021).

Artribune / Torna la residenza artistica calabrese nel Castello Normanno di Squillace, by Giorgia Basili (July 2021).

Berliner Zeitung / Geister der Gegenwart in Moabit, by Benedikt Ellebrecht. P. 15 (May 2021).

taz am Wochenende / Im Gebüsch und in der Bäckerei, by Jan Bykowski (May 2021).

NERO Magazine / On Expanding Histories and Reversing Narratives, a conversation between Ana Vaz, Tekla Aslanishvili,

Sonia D’Alto and Itamar Gov (September 2020).

La Repubblica / I due israeliani che frugano tra i peccati di Israele, by Barbara Ciolli. P. 24 (September 2019).

Haaretz / Where did the vase on the shelf come from?, by Naama Riba. P. 4 (July 2019).

ATP Diary / Lo spettatore come agente pubblico performativo, by Valeria Marchi (July 2019).

La Balena Bianca / Oltre la parola: la sintassi poetica del cinema, by Cristina Travanini (March 2019).

exibart / Nuove Utopie a Casa dei Saperi. Il progetto di Fondazione Pini vuole tornare al dialogo, by Ilona Barbuti (March 2019).

Süddeutsche Zeitung / Frei wie ein Kind, by Catrin Lorch (Aug. 2017). / World art in Kassel, by Tanja Zech (July 2017).

972mag / Creating a radical Hebrew culture — in the diaspora, by Mati Shemoelof (August 2016). / Aviv – a magazine for linguistic nuances, by Stefan Reichart (July 2016).

Der Spiegel / Aviv: Neues deutsch-israelisches Kunstmagazin, by Laura Selz (May 2016).

i24news / From Berlin to Tel Aviv: German-Hebrew magazine puts culture in translation, by Polina Garaev (May 2016).

I Heart Berlin / Aviv - A New Magazine From Berlin in German and Hebrew, by Claudio Rimmele (May 2016).

Die Welt / Oi, Berlin, Junge, muss das wirklich sein?, by Hannah Lühmann (April 2016). 

Tageszeitung / Paartherapie auf Papier, by Natalie Mayroth (March 2016).

Haaretz / How they found a mutual language, by Gili Izikovich. P. 7 (March 2016).

Dialogue en Perspective / Trois questions aux jurés, by Pierre-Edouard Peillon. P. 18 (Feb. 2015​).

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