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A Garden for Rosa

Site-specific installation, 2021, 32 sorts of flowers planted in soil, ⌀ 250 cm

Revolutionary intellectual and anti-war activist Rosa Luxemburg spent the final years of her life moving between three prisons - one of them was the Women’s Prison in Berlin. During her entire imprisonment she collected, dried, pressed and glued flowers and leaves that she found in the prison’s yard, as well as plants that were given to her by personal visitors. The result was 17 notebooks full of dried plants, meticulously sorted and accompanied by a short description and both German and Latin designations. She was murdered by a policeman in 1919 and her body was thrown into the Spree in Berlin. The work 'A Garden for Rosa' consists of a collection of the flowers that Luxemburg gathered while in prison in Berlin. The flowers are planted on one of the banks of the Spree into which her body was disposed, taking her own collection out of the notebooks and bringing it to life.

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