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Anatolian Phantom-Limbs

Stone and metal installation, 2022, 130 x 130 x 70 cm

Taking as a starting point a physical condition in which an amputated limb is strongly felt by the body even years after it was lost, the installation ‘Anatolian Phantom-Limbs’ consists of stone elements that hint at various sculptures erected throughout history by numerous civilisations and communities in Anatolia - stone remnants of cultures that have been gradually and forcibly vanishing from the public sphere in the pursuit of a fabricated and homogeneous cultural imagery.

Cut-off from the bodies they once belonged to, and declared as ghosts, the stone limbs embody a physical oxymoron, rejecting their expected destiny and refusing to disappear. An absurd, anti-monumental installation, the work floats between the realms of cultural indoctrination, national archeological traditions, and authoritarian efforts to shape memory and imagination, trying to look into the essence of alternative, parallel and counter narratives in the vision of any possible future.

Installed at the Dabbakoğlu House in the Old Town of Mardin, in South-East Turkey.

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