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Damnatio Memoriae (A.H.)

Mixed media, archival pigment print, 2018-2022, 50 x 37 cm

Damnatio Memoriae, ‘damnation of memory’ in Latin, is a practice that aims to erase a person from history by destroying any visual and written documentation that can attest to their life. 'Damnatio Memoriae (A.H.)' is a series consisting of altered group photographs from the German Federal Archives, which were taken in Germany in the 1930s. In a futile attempt, the photos are conspicuously “fixed” by concealing Adolf Hitler's face.

Left without his presence, the photographed individuals surrounding him stare at the viewer, appearing to question the ethos of their own society, reflect on the significance of collective responsibilities, and consider the capacity of sole leaders to carry out atrocities or change the course of history.

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