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Notes from the Loneliest Whale

Site-specific sound and light installation, 2022

In 1992, a naval station in the Pacific Ocean noticed an unusual singing of a whale through its underwater hydrophones. The sound was at a frequency of 52 Hertz, which is far too high-pitched for whales to hear or respond to. In the course of 12 years of recording, the repeated calls of the 52-Hertz-Whale remained continuously unanswered, leading to the conclusion that it was destined to be alone forever.

Based on the recordings of the 52-Hertz-Whale, this immersive sound and light installation transforms the five floors of the Old Water Tower of Sofia into an abstract, parallel dimension where the loneliest whale in the world roams. Walking up the spiral stairs drenched in sound and light, visitors are invited to spend time with the 52-Hertz-Whale, who hasn’t been able to find any companionship throughout its lifetime.

Installed in the Old Water Tower of Sofia, +359 Gallery.

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