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Metal, Plaster, Paraffin Wax, 2023

'Olympia (COR.145-PED.510)' is an installation that consists of a large metal surgical table with a stiff human torso resting on top and reproductions of feet, hands, bottoms, breasts, eyes, and hearts lying on the lower shelf. Appearing to be part of a scientific laboratory, a mortuary, a hospital surgery room, a spare part depot, or a museum restoration centre, the table contains pieces that allude to two sculptures made by Arno Breker in 1936, ‘Die Siegerin’ (The Champion) and ‘Der Zehnkämpfer’ (The Decathlete), which still stand in their original place in Berlin today. In 'Olympia (CER.810),' 33 replicas of human brains are neatly organised on three shelves of a service cart.

Part of the ongoing project 'Chemistry and Physics in the Household'

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